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Foreign exchange students share their experience from the high school year abroad - exchange student, host familiy, teacher and parents

Schüleraustausch Maskotchen
Becoming an exchange student is more than booking a journey at a travel agency! You just can't buy a host family or a happy life that lasts one whole year. Now, then what is this exchange experince all about and what do you have to keep in mind?

Lamatempel Gebete
Probably the most valuable to an exchange year is the huge amount of excperiences you get. But like always: no pain - no gain Zwinker

This site is part of the german project Schüleraustausch which contains hundreds of articles and a large number of members. If you like to participate in you can contact us.

Welcome to! This site is made by former exchange students who went for one year abroad to study at a high school. If you want to become a foreign exchange student too you can try the following short introduction:

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