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Attracting attention in Belgium - pas de probleme

These are the things you remember for life. Mishaps that have occurred to you during your exchange year. Juliane, exchange student at Belgium, reports one of her stories.

My second schoolweek in Brussels. Already a bit exhausted from the french language I was sitting far back in the classroom, hidden from the eyes of my teacher. More or less desperate I tried to follow the apparently unstoppable torrent of words of my history teacher. And there we go:

Suddenly an appropriate idea, giving me the correct answer to a question asked passed through my already racked brain and in a spontaneous mood I put up my hands. However, I couldn't get rid of the feeling that the teacher was ignoring me completely. Consequently, a maybe typical german reflex followed: I snipped with my finger. Suddenly 52 horrified eyes turned towards me. Slowly and intimidated I put my hand down again. The whole situation didn't seem to impress my teacher at all - I suppose he deliberately ignored me. One of my classmates whispered to me, that in Belgium this was the way of calling the dogs.

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