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We, the authors of are former students, parents, hostparents and others somehow involved in or affected by intercultural exchange. To many people the intercultural experience has already been of great influence to their lives, to many it will be. Our site might give you an opportunity to find out what intercultural exchange is all about. Besides information and contact you will find articles, each of them containing a very personal view upon being and becoming exchanged.

Starting in fall 2000, articles and reports to all kinds of relevant topics associated with intercultural living are available to you on this pages. We publish articles in different languages as long as they have something to do with living in and being part of a foreign culture. Articles found on our site will be dealing with the first day at school, the welcomes and good-byes at the airport, funny and sad misunderstandings, family trouble, christmas and birthday far away, thoughts about home, personal changes – important to us is reflecting and thinking about the experience. Intercultural living does something – to us and to our environment – we’d like to tell about it.

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Mission Statment

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